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MIT Technology Review: Experience War Through VR with The Enemy

A virtual-reality re-creation of a fighter, speaking in his own words, might help viewers feel the impact of war more deeply, Ben Khelifa believed.

It’s great to see the storytelling medium of VR being pushed further. We have moved past the 360 videos and into a synthesized world of human like references and computer generated environments. When stories start to transcend the technology you end up with compelling experiences that affect people.


Rollingstone: Lucasfilm Says The Future of VR Is ‘Story-Living’

The relationship between physical worlds and virtual worlds may turn out to be very fluid. … It actually seems unlikely that we will converge in a single Metaverse when we can choose from many worlds and even customize our own

Since VR blocks your real world sensory experience, it is only natural that the ‘living’ aspect to this story feels comfortable; we are transporting ourselves to another living environment. I think the comment at the end is a bit of a throwaway though. We will no doubt have more complicated world problems and VR will become an escape.

Accessibility, Healthcare

TNW: Microsoft ‘canetroller’ helps visually impaired experience VR

The canetroller translates the traditional experience of using a white cane, a long stick used by the visually impaired to tactilely scan their environment, into a virtual reality environment.

The notion of assisting the visually impaired in VR is intriguing. You could learn how to use an assistive device in VR before going out into the real world with it. Exciting stuff.


Wired: Brain surgery has been filmed in virtual reality for the first time

Neurosurgery is probably one of the most inaccessible surgical specialities there is, especially from the point of view of the patients and public…

Not for the faint of heart but this is facinating and a calculated approach to capturing medical procedures. You get to watching the micrscope feed while in the OR. Capturing a real surgery like this would complement medical training simulators for a comprehensive understanding.


Vancouver Sun: B.C. Lions offer football fans VR experience

Chris Bedyk of Perspective Films says he built the camera he will use to film live game action that should begin updating the app at about halftime of Friday’s home game against the Ottawa Redblacks.

Someone really needs to provide a solution for high quality live action VR recording. 4K gives you the equivalent of a 1080p image so really we need 8K cameras to have a realistic immersive experience.


Next Big Future: VR needs 1-3 generations to go mainstream

Cameron’s opinion is that the resolution and immersion and interactivity with virtual reality needs to increase to the level of his 3D movies.

I would argue that the immersion is already here with other forms of VR content and I don’t understand how movies are interactive. Movies are a passive experience. Out-of-home I think VR will be widely adopted in under 5 years. In-home? Yes probably 10 years.